Swasth - Health Records

Swasth - Health Records Mobile App

With this simple to use app, you can digitally manage all family’s health records in one single place. You can add, view, edit medical records for yourself, your family members in digital form. You can access the same using our web based tool, or a smartphone app. Be it for a doctor visit or an emergency, medical records like Medical history, medicines, lab tests etc. will always be available with you, on your smartphone.

Swasth health companion is an integrated tool to track your health records - your measurements. Most people have their health records scattered and kept away in files. It becomes tedious to carry them around. So they put old records away and if very old, they mistakenly dispose them off. While doing so, they do not realise that health and fitness professionals can arrive at a more precise and effective solution when provided with comprehensive data.

Every individual has a unique biological make-up. Recording health related measurements uncovers patterns, rhythms and tendencies that you have experienced. Once you measure it, you can control it. On being able to control it, you can achieve perfect Swasth!

Features of Swasth Health Companion:
1. Add, edit, view your health measures, records.
2. Basic information like: blood group, Birth date, and Height, weight records.
3. Major medical history, shown on a timeline as recorded by you.
4. Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar measurements, with graphs.
5. All the lab tests, medical reports, saved as attachments.
6. View as timeline, or Table format.
7. Share parts of your records with trusted doctors.
We keep on updating the features regularly, so expect to be surprised with newer, useful features to manage your health.

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