Website Penetration Testing at Nullplex

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Penetration Testing

There is a large body of network penetration testers where the objective is to reach or take over and control system components such as routers, firewalls, switches and servers. In other words, penetrate the network. Website/web application penetration testing is restricted to the web application code, web server and its data. A compromised web server is also a compromised web site, but the inverse is not necessarily true. Penetration testing is the simulation of an attack on a website or web application by a malicious user (often called a hacker). The process involves undertaking active attack and exploitation of flaws, weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

It is necessary

Penetration testing helps to identify vulnerabilities, validate existing controls and develop guidelines for remediation. Maintaining information security and taking timely measures can ultimately save lot of money in potential losses and prevent damage for business. We perform penetration testing monthly, quarterly or annually, as preferred by the client. Our security engineers use both automated tools and manual techniques to identify and validate flaws and vulnerabilities that may result from a poor or improper system configuration.

Penetration Testing at Nullplex

Vulnerability Assessment at Nullplex

Manual and Automated Tests

Nullplex helps companies secure their web applications by conducting penetration testing. As every website has unique and different architecture so it requires an individual approach and our experts consider all this when performing tests. Our Security team utilizes industry leading vulnerability scanning tools and applies manual techniques to detect existing vulnerabilities like:

  • Client-side technology flaws
  • Application logic defects
  • SQL Injection
  • Cross site scripting
  • Code Evaluation
  • Information disclosure
  • Vulnerability assessment